CD Contest #6 winner - and a bunch of interesting numbers

Posted by PP on 11/01/11

The winner of CD Contest #6 wasn't decided by random this time around. The winning participant had to guess how many visitors had in all of 2010, and the closest guess would take the prize of 5 CDs home.

You guys had lots of interesting guesses, some way over, some way below, but nobody came quite as close as Martin 'Skyum' Thomasen, who guessed 295 000 in his entry.

The grand total of visitors at was: 294 862! Congratulations Martin, you'll be receiving a CD package in the next couple of days.

Here are some other interesting statistics:

Browser distribution:

36.8% used Mozilla Firefox

25% used Internet Explorer

16% used Google Chrome

9.7% used Apple Safari

and rest used various other small browsers.

OS distribution:

75.1% used Microsoft Windows

14.7% used Mac OS (and its various versions)

Rest divides between Linux, various mobile phone operating systems, and so forth.

You guys used 385.7 Gigabytes of internet traffic (causing our hosting fees to rise in 2010, damn you!). During that process, you browsed to a grand total of 1 741 303 pages.

Thanks everyone for reading in 2010, we wouldn't be doing this without you. Stay tuned for a couple of more feature articles detailing, among others, TL's, AP's, and BL's best-of-2010 lists.

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