Extra seat left on our GROEZROCK bus tour

Posted by PP on 13/04/11

As you probably have noticed, Groezrock has an insanely good lineup once again. I've just gotten word from someone who has dropped out of the Rockfreaks.net bus trip from Copenhagen & Fredericia to Groezrock, which means there is an extra seat available in the bus.

If you are interested in the last seat, please contact PP at xre@rockfreaks.net as soon as possible, and we'll arrange for your payment so you can join the bus. Don't know anyone? Don't worry, we'll take good care of you. There are 49 others on the bus going to see a ton of amazing bands.

The bus leaves on April 20th from Copenhagen with a stop-over at Fredericia, and returns on April 24th from the festival.

Facebook event

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