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Posted by PP on 07/05/11

We're finally nearing the launch of the new Among the new features is a site-specific profile.

If you would like to have all of your old comments in album reviews, gig reviews, features and interviews associated with that profile (including an avatar connected to them), you should send an email to

* Your current username(s) that you have used for comments in the past

* The email address that you will use to register for a profile (or your Disqus username if you have one)

This will be the only opportunity to do so, once the site is live you will not be able to connect your old comments to your profile.


Click here to see an example of how TL and BL's old comments will look awesome in the new design, while someone who doesn't send an email, will look all lost and disconnected, like poor 'Lars' does in this picture.

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