Day Of Decay: changes to the program

Posted by PP on 15/07/11

Mnemic and Annotations Of An Autopsy have both been forced to cancel their appearance at this year's Day Of Decay Festival which takes place tomorrow in Aalborg. At such a short notice, the festival has only been able to book one replacement, Facebreaker. Instead, the rest of the bands get to play a little longer, and as an extra measure, beer price will be reduced to 15 DKK for the first hour alongside other offers. Here's the program:

12:15 - Naked Lucy

13:10 - 9000 John Doe

14:05 - Fetus in Fetu

15:00 - Poison My Blood

16:00 - The Interbeing

17:10 - Gama Bomb

18:20 - Pitchblack

19:35 - Marionette

20:50 - Severe Torture

22:05 - Aborted

23:30 - Facebreaker

00:55 - Scar Symmetry

There are still tickets available at the door for 275 DKK.

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