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Posted by PP on 12/04/12

Heavy Days In Doomtown is a metal/hardcore arrangement that takes place across different venues in Copenhagen between May 3rd and May 6th. Here's the schedule for the weekend:

May 3rd: Stengade

21.00 Suma (swe)

22.15 Cauchemar (can)

23.30 Burning Saviours (swe)

00.45 Moonless (dk)

May 4th: Ungdomshuset

Main Stage (salen):

18.00 Herder (nl)

19.30 Pilgrim (us)

21.00 Devil (no)

22.30 Jex Thoth (us)

00.00 Wounded Kings (uk)

01.30 Jess And The Ancient Ones (sf)


18.30 Sinister Creation (dk)

20.00 Aguirre (fr)

21.30 Brutus (swe/no)

23.00 Profetus (sf)

May 5th: Ungdomshuset

Main Stage (salen):

18.00 Purson (uk)

19.30 Griftegård (swe)

21.00 Solstice (uk)

22.30 Lord Vicar (fin)

00.00 Noothgrush (us)

01.30 Worship (ger)


17.00 Black Oath (it)

18.30 Pyramido (swe)

20.00 Ocean Chief (swe)

21.30 Bottom Feeder (dk)

23.00 Skogen Brinner (swe)

May 6th: Loppen

21.30 Torchlight (dk)

22.45 Kongh (swe)

00.00 Aldebaran (us)

01.15 Coffins (jp)

More information (incl tickets) can be found on their official website.

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