STREAM: New Collapse Under The Empire song!

Posted by DR on 25/09/12

This is a pretty big deal, especially for me personally, because I never thought would be lucky enough to have a stream of the new Collapse Under The Empire single, "Breaking The Light", to share with you all. As one of the choice cuts from their latest opus, "Fragments of a Prayer", "Breaking The Light" brings back more of the glorious, star-gazing post-rock elements of previous, while continuing to feature the attention to subtleties and cinematic textures of new, all of which has helped set Collapse Under The Empire aside as one of the most consistently excellent and emotive bands in instrumental music.

What will surely be one of the most important instrumental releases of 2012, "Fragments of a Prayer", their fourth LP so far, has received unanimous unanimous critical acclaim in the build up to its release. You can read our review of the record here, and in the coming days we'll have an interview with the band posted. In the meantime, though, listen to "Breaking The Light" below and pre-order the record ready for the album's release on 28th September:

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