Jack's Mannequin up final song

Posted by TL on 26/09/12

It's been known for a while that Andrew McMahon is retiring his Jack's Mannequin moniker, but before doing so he has upped his last song from that project. It's called "Wrecking Ball Heart" and you can listen to it and read a statement about it here:

"I have been well aware, throughout my career, how rare it is for a musician to have such a genuine connection with the people who support them. The reaction to the final JM shows have certainly crystalized those realizations. There is little I could do to express my gratitude for this, but if anything, this is a small token. Late one night in Santa Monica I played my friend and long time producer, Jim Wirt, a demo of a song I wrote a few years back. No session was scheduled, but after a couple beers and some laughs we pulled out some microphones and cut it. The next day Jay and Bobby came through and did what they do best; selflessly and skillfully served the song. We weren't making an album, and like the early days there was no label in place to release it. Just friends in a space playing music. I hope you enjoy it."

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