Rocksmith released in Europe

Posted by PP on 26/09/12

Guitar Hero introduced us to music-based games, and was successful precisely because it was as close you could get to playing legendary rock songs without actually having to learn an instrument. The concept died fairly quickly, however, a new one has emerged in its place. What if you could actually learn how to play a real guitar (or bass) by playing a similar music-based game?

That's where Rocksmith comes into play. It's basically exactly the same concept as Guitar Hero back in the day, except instead of playing with a plastic toy, you are actually playing real riffs with a real instrument. The game ships with a USB to guitar jack cable, which you can connect to any real guitar or bass (downloadable content) that has the standard electric guitar jack attached to it. No amps or any other adapters needed.

The game has been out in the USA for a while now, but it has finally also been released in Europe for the PS3 and XBOX consoles. A PC version is coming on October 18th. Check out the trailer for the game below including some positive commentary of real artists who've tried the game overseas. 95% of US-based players have reported an improvement in their guitar skills, regardless of starting level.

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