Denmark live update 3/3

Posted by PP on 03/03/13

Here's our weekly update on the upcoming live shows across Denmark for the next nine days or so. Be sure to fill in the blanks in the comments, if we're missing some shows:

March 4th - Manowar @ Store Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

March 6th - Bryan Adams @ DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, DEN

March 6th - Absu @ Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN (+ Solbrud)

March 7th - Fuzz Manta @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen, DEN (w/ Graveyard + Free Fall)

March 7th - Graveyard + Free Fall @ Amager Bio, Copenhagen, DEN (+ Fuzz Manta)

March 7th - Machine + The Buffalos @ KB18, Copenhagen, DEN

March 8th - Bryan Adams @ Musikhuset, Esbjerg, DEN

March 8th - John John & The Uzis + Odyssey @ KB18, Copenhagen, DEN

March 8th - Fall Of Pantheon + Corpus Mortale + Billy Boy In Poison + Pataus @ Lygten Station, Copenhagen, DEN

March 9th - Black Market Karma @ Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN (+ Tales Of Murder And Dust)

March 9th - Bryan Adams @ Kulturcenter Limfjord, Skive, DEN

March 9th - Fall Of Pantheon + Crematoria + Billy Boy In Poison @ Fatter Eskil, Århus, DEN

March 9th - Siamese Fighting Fish + Saint Rebel @ Beta, Copenhagen, DEN

March 10th - We Came Out Like Tigers + Ruined Families + Ajuna + Église @ UnderWerket, Valby, DEN

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