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Posted by PP on 22/04/13

TDC Play, the free music service for all TDC and YouSee customers, have teamed up with Danish dance/pop songwriter Ida Corr for a special promotion of her new single "Hold My Head Up High". It'll allow you to let loose your inner creativity in three different activities, ranging from remixing the single, to desigining the artwork to be used on the physical release, and finally participating in the music video itself. But lets allow Ida Corr to explain the whole concept herself:

Ida Corr, of course, is known not just for her music, but also for her role as the X Factor judge, so she has plenty of experience evaluating other people's talent in the music industry. Who knows, maybe you can be spotted if your remix of her song is good enough, or your artwork for her single makes the final selection process, or your dance moves are good enough?

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