Sony BMG re-thinking its copyright policies

Posted by xre on 11/12/05

After the recent weeks of criticism over the DRM software, the major label giant Sony BMG is re-thinking it's copyright policies. Here's a quote from the president of the company's Global Digital Business section, Thomas Hesse

"The key point to remember is that copyright infringement is a huge issue for the recording industry as a whole and that's where we came from originally," he said.

"But this whole story has led us to look at the approach we have to take going forward," Mr Hesse said.

The furore about the XCP software had lead Sony BMG to "diligently re-evaluate" how it protects music on CDs.

He said it was too early to say where Sony was in the evaluation process or what might result, but he said the company was taking the re-examination very seriously.

Source: BBC

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