Headbangers Ball Tour 2013 announced

Posted by AP on 01/08/13

This year's edition of the annual "Headbangers Ball Tour" will feature Solbrud, By The Patient and Helhorse. The tour will hit the following cities/venues:

November 1st - Studenterhuset, Aalborg, DEN

November 2nd - Konfus, Esbjerg, DEN

November 9th - Tapperiet, Køge, DEN

November 15th - Gimle, Roskilde, DEN

November 16th - Fermaten, Herning, DEN

November 22nd - Godset, Kolding, DEN

November 23rd - Beta, Copenhagen, DEN

November 29th - Bygningen, Vejle, DEN

November 30th - Studenterhuset, Århus, DEN

The facebook event for the tour can be found here.

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