Best Of Reviews playlist - November 2013 edition

Posted by TL on 02/12/13

It's been little over a month since we first tried to assemble the best tracks from a month's worth of reviews in a playlist for you, giving you a chance to stumble upon some new music that we've liked while you're doing your thing.

Last time we felt the result did get a bit longish, so this time we've tried to be even more discerning, limiting our selections to the very best songs from albums mostly graded in the top end of our scale, meaning that you can get through this one in roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Taking the time to check this out should give you an impression of how truly diverse our coverage is, finding cool songs all the way from pop-punk to extreme death metal, and while we doubt any of you are so totally schizophrenic that you won't employ the skip button once or twice, we hope you enjoy the list anyway.

Just like last time, we'd like to know it if you have any comments on this playlist concept. Would you like a longer or shorter list? Would you like the songs sorted in a certain way? By writer? Soft-to-heavy? Heavy-to-soft? Let us know!

**UPDATE** Here's the http link if you want to open the playlist in your own player.

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