The Ocean - new member & new video clip

Posted by miray on 06/02/06

The press release for The Ocean's latest news:

* We're happy to welcome guitar player Maik Antrack aboard. Mike debuted

with us this weekend in Oberhausen and Solingen and will be joining us for

parts of the upcoming tour.

* A new video-clip for the song "One with the Ocean" is in the making and

will be up on our website soon. The clip was cut by our visual artist Nils

Lindenhayn and is made up of quite hilarious 1970's propaganda material

plagiarized from the United States Ministery of Defense. It is a strikingly

unconventional clip that sets itself apart from the boring

'angry-young-men-in-an-abandoned-factory-building' -style music video-clips

so rampant in the realm of heavy music these days.

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