The Absence to shoot video for “From Your Grave”!

Posted by miray on 06/02/06

Metal Blade recording artists The Absence are set to shoot their first professional video for the title track off their debut record, “From Your Grave”, on February 3rd, 2006. This journey will take them from the greater Tampa Bay area up some 1200+ miles to Toledo Ohio to film in one of the largest and oldest structures in Toledo's historic Old West End “The Collingwood’s Arts Center.” The Collingwood’s started out as the convent for The Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart, opening its doors in 1905. It is now a registered historical site, and claimed to be haunted.

The Absence were approached by the directors of Ignition Films LLC, Brian Taylor and Dave Ayling, whose previous works had already caught the attention of the band. “I remember seeing the Sacred Nothing video by SUMMON (Moribund

Records) on FUSE TV and thought for sure these guys would understand what we’re looking for with our video.” says Jeramie Kling.

“Yeah, we’re not going for some over the top super imposed full concept video,” claims Patrick Pintavalle, “We just want to shoot somewhere interesting and have the main focus on us, meaning our music, not some silly story line.”

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