The legend returns: Metal Church

Posted by miray on 10/02/06

Metal Church are scheduled to release their latest album, A

Light In The Dark, in Germany on May 26, 2006, in Europe on May 29th and in the USA early June, reanimating the zeitgeist of their first two releases, Metal Church(1984) and The Dark (1986). “It’s almost twenty years ago that we shook up the international metal scene for the first time with these two recordings,” recalls guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof. “Just the right moment to bring that era to mind with a brand-new album and the same sort of energy that we had back then.” Metal Church are currently at the studio, recording over a dozen new tracks. It remains to be seen how many of these will make it onto the new album. One thing, however, is certain: the album will include a new version of the classic ‘Watch The Children Pray’ as a tribute to vocalist David Wayne, who passed away in May 2005.

Vanderhoof, who doubles as sound engineer and producer during the recordings, promises an offering featuring all the important trademarks of typical Metal Church tracks. “Before our new drummer Jeff Plate joined the band, I would have claimed that the new album will be a traditional heavy metal album through and through. Now I’m not so sure; we may end up experimenting with the odd unusual idea, but we’ll stay within the framework defined by the band’s history. A Light In The Dark will represent what the name Metal Church has been standing for for the last twenty years.”

The current band line-up consists of Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Ronny Munroe (vocals), Jay Reynolds (guitar), Steve Unger (bass) and new addition Jeff Plate(drums). “I’ve known Jeff since my solo tour with Savatage" Vanderhoof recalls. And during the 2005 Metal Church tour, when he drummed with opening act Chris Caffery’s band, we also got on really well. So it suggested itself to ask him whether he wanted to join Metal Church.” The band have been at the studio since

January, and Ronny Munroe is currently recording his vocal parts. A Light In The Dark is scheduled to be mixed in early March, and Metal Church will tour Europe a week after the release, presenting their new material.

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