Celtic Frost - Official release date for Monotheist

Posted by miray on 10/02/06

The release date of Celtic Frost’s return strike Monotheist has been confirmed: On May 29th, 2006 the long-awaited new opus will hit the stores!

Prepare for what is probably destined to be the darkest and heaviest creative musical output of the year and undoubtedly a sonic ceremony adequately celebrating the band’s highly anticipated return!

Four years in the making, formed around brilliant conceptual ideas lyrically, musically and visually Monotheist is what people expect of the legendary visionaries and even much, much more.

Followed by extensive live activities during this summer and beyond, Celtic Frost is more than ready to present themselves in flesh and blood again after such a long period of being absent.

As an update on Celtic Frost’s festival appearances the band has just been confirmed as headliner of the Rock Hard Festival (D) annually organised by the well-known German hardrock/metal magazine on June 2nd to 4th, 2006. Further festivals headlined by the band include the European metal event No.1 Wacken Festival (D), Sweden Rock (S), With Full Force (D), Tuska Festival (FIN) and Hole In The Sky (N).

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