Koroded's second album in the beginning of April!

Posted by miray on 17/02/06

After years of perseverance and unbelievable determination not to follow any certain trend Germany’s Koroded are back with their new offering To Have And To Unhold, produced by colleague, friend and drinking partner Jacob

Bredahl, singer of Hatesphere.

In the 12 months after their 2004 debut The Absurd Beatuy Of Being Alone, Koroded toured extensively throughout Mainland Europe. Both inside the band and personally, differences lead to several line-up changes. Now motivated and strengthened by Frank Fleckenstein on 2nd guitar, KORODED began the songwriting for To Have And To Unhold.

Vocalist Jan Röder comments: “There have been a lot of changes in our private lives and inside the band while we where writing the songs for ‘To Have And To Unhold’. The good thing about this is that we put all our anger and frustration into the music and the songs sound much more dark, raw, intense and emotional than ever before. We went into the studio with the intension to capture this feeling on the record. Jacob Bredahl was just the right producer for this job. We knew each other before from countless shows

and he always said that KORODED’s sound lacks of enough impact to blow everything away. So we concentrated on the important aspects of the songs not to loose the red line - we reduced everything and made it really fat. Jacob made us sound like we never did before. We are very happy with the

result and the whole record. It really means a lot to us. This is KORODED at it’s purest and we cannot wait to play this stuff live!�

Here’s the tracklisting of “To Have And To Unhold�:

01.) Zero Minus Zero

02.) Scaretrade

03.) Unhold

04.) Embers

05.) Epigone

06.) God Of Nothingness

07.) The Night The Earth Stood Still

08.) In Love With Memories

09.) With Courage Of Dispair

10.) The Good Old Bad Times

11.) People Of The Abyss

“To Have And To Unhold� will see the light of day on March 31st (G/A/S) and April 3rd (rest of Europe) through Silverdust Records.

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