Skandinavian changes ownership as result of festival boycott

Posted by TL on 09/10/14

In the latest news regarding Denmark's older festivals (Roskilde, Smukfest, Nibe and Jelling Festival) forming a common boycott against the booking agencies Beatbox Booking and Skandinavian Booking, the severity of the conflict is becoming clear as Skandinavian has now been sold to different ownership.

The boycott was initiated as a reaction to suspected favoritism, given the same individuals being involved in both Beatbox Booking and Skandinavian, and in the newer competing festivals NorthSide and Tinderbox. The owner of Beatbox, Peter Sørensen reacted a few weeks ago to clarify the situation and encourage dialogue between the parties - Something which had not taken place before the boycott suddenly became public.

This morning however, Skandinavian has sent out a press release announcing that Brian Nielsen and Flemming Myllerup have sold the company to Morten Elley. The sale leaves Nielsen and Myllerup working solely with their festivals, disentangling them from direct involvement with Skandinavian's booking activities. The Danish press release expresses regret with the fact that the sale is going to cost some people their jobs, but explains that it was the only right option considering that Roskilde & co. have continued to refuse any attempts at dialogue over the matter.

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