Tiny Moving Parts film music video for "Entrances & Exits" - in space

Posted by PP on 16/10/14

Tiny Moving Parts recently got a little bit creative on their music video for "Entrances & Exits", and sent replicas of themselves with a GoPro into space with a weather balloon. The footage captures the curvature of the earth, and the story included is well worth sharing:

On August 13th from our home in Benson, MN, we sent three bobble heads replicas of ourselves into space using a 600 gram weather balloon. The 2 hour flight was captured by a GoPro camera enclosed in a styrofoam cooler alongside a GPS tracker and a stack of heat packs to help brave the -60 degree F (-15 C) temperatures. The spacecraft reached a height of over 80,000 ft (24,384 meters), capturing the Earth's curve and the beauty of a world just beyond our grasp.

About 2 hours into its journey, the GPS stopped sending us signals. We drove all over the farmlands of Minnesota with the slim hopes of it turning up somewhere. Eventually, we gave up and lost hope. It wasn't until October 10th, almost 2 months later, that we received a call from a farmer, our new friend Kurt, almost 50 miles away who found the pack while combing through his bean farm.

Using the footage, we made this music video for "Entrances & Exits" from our new album Pleasant Living. Hope you enjoy!! - Tiny Moving Parts

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