Nightwish - tracklist of "end of an era"

Posted by miray on 16/03/06

Finland's Nightwish have announced the final tracklisting for their forthcoming much-anticipated live CD/DVD package End of an Era, due out June, 2nd.

Nightwish - End Of an Era - Live at Hartwall Arena 21.10.2005

1. Dark Chest Of Wonders

2. Planet Hell

3. Ever Dream

4. Kinslayer

5. Phantom Of The Opera

6. The Siren

7. Sleeping Sun

8. High Hopes

9. Bless The Child

10. Wishmaster

11. Slaying The Dreamer

12. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan

13. Nemo

14. Ghost Love Score

15. Stone People

16. Creek Mary´s Blood

17. Over The Hills and Far Away

18. Wish I Had an Angel

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