Dance Gavin Dance release live recorded version of "Alex English"

Posted by TL on 31/03/16

Sacramento, CA-based post-hardcore institution Dance Gavin Dance have released a new version of their classic track "Alex English" via noisey.

Having had a revolving door line-up throughout their history as a band, the song was originally recorded for the "Death Star Album" when Kurt Travis was the band's clean singer, yet fans can now hear it with new singer Tilian Pearson.

The track is the first of 12 new re-recordings of fan favourites that will be released on May 13th under the name "Tree City Sessions". The recordings have been done "live" (in studio, not in concert), allowing for a more organic feel, yet regrettably that also means Pearson isn't singing call/response patters with himself the way Travis did on the original version. Oh well.. The song is still fantastic, so listen to it now:

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