The Wounded Kings have broken up

Posted by AP on 29/08/16

Dartmoor, United Kingdom’s occult doom metal collective The Wounded Kings recently announced their break-up, making their latest album ”Visions in Bone” a swan song. That record came out this past Friday, August 26th via Candlelight Records, and can be streamed in full over at Noisey.

Regarding their decision to quit as a band, The Wounded Kings offered:

By now you will have seen the earlier posts and in response to one comment sorry buddy.... no this is not a publicity stunt!

12 years is a pretty good innings for a band these days and there has been well documented instances when the journey could well have ended years ago. Sadly that day has finally arrived. We’ve had a wild ride with some truly amazing shows and met many awesome people along the way. Many of you have become great friends. For that we are truly grateful!

I’m sure many of you are thinking this is all rather sudden but to be honest it’s probably been 6 months in the making. We’ve tried to cling onto the sinking ship for as long as possible...too long if truth be told!. Little did we know that when we recorded ‘Visions in Bone’ a year ago (yes that fuckin’ long!!) it would end up being our Swan Song!

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, came to the shows, bought our merch, shared beers, gave us a place to sleep, made us food, did our posters...the list is endless. Most of all thank you to those who believed in us...without you none of this would ever have been possible.

Steve, Alex, Myke and George

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