Wovenwar announces new album "Honor is Dead"

Posted by AP on 08/09/16

San Diego, CA -based metalcore sextet Wovenwar, which comprises former members of As I Lay Dying and Oh, Sleeper, has set October 21st as the official release date for its second album ”Honor is Dead” on Metal Blade Records.

Commenting on the album’s title and the more aggressive direction the music has taken since the band’s self-titled début, guitarist Nick Hipa offered:

It highlights a lot of experiences we’ve had where the trust within relationships or ventures has been broken for one reason or another. I think everyone has been on the wrong side of someone not keeping their word and you end up feeling totally burned. It’s something to be learned from, and in time you simply become more cautious. It’s a growing pain of real life, and it’s on us to decide how to live in a world that ends up being greyer than the black and white of our youth.

Part of it was just our response to the previous year of our lives. Our first response to most negative experiences is usually looking at the bright side or finding silver linings. Generally most of us feel like that’s a decent way to approach things.

But, without the catharsis of ‘letting it out’, there is no balance, and that sort of positivity can end up feeling a bit contrived, so half of it is that we simply needed to be angrier. The other half is that we did miss having those heavier songs that are so enjoyable to play live, and we felt our performances could be more enjoyable if we had some more aggressive bangers.

Below the artwork, you can gloss over the track list, as well as listen to the first single ”Censorship”, which debuted yesterday.

01. “Confession”

02. “Censorship”

03. “Honor is Dead”

04. “Lines in the Sand”

05. “World on Fire”

06. “Compass”

07. “Stones Thrown”

08. “Cascade”

09. “Silhouette”

10. “Bloodletter”

11. “130”

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