Sepultura announces new album: "Machine Messiah"

Posted by AP on 29/10/16

Sepultura has set ”Machine Messiah” as the title to their next album, which Nuclear Blast Records will have in stores on January 13th next year. Below you can peruse the artwork and track listing for the album.

01. “Machine Messiah”

02. “I am the Enemy”

03. “Phantom Self”

04. “Alethea”

05. “Iceberg Dances”

06. “Sworn Oath”

07. “Resistant Parasites”

08. “Silent Violence”

09. “Vandals Nest”

10. “Cyber God”

Commenting on the effort, guitarist Andreas Kisser offered:

I found the work of Camille Della Rosa during some research I was doing to look for alternative artists to work on the cover of our new album. I had the concept in my mind and the name of the album, ‘Machine Messiah’, but that didn’t matter much since I was looking for different styles and ideas, different artists. When I saw her paintings I was really impressed by her style, full of colours and meaning, very unique and alive!

She comes from the Philippines, a place where we performed some years ago and we could feel the intensity of their culture, very powerful! She has that power in her paintings and drawings!

The main inspiration around ‘Machine Messiah’ is the robotisation of our society nowadays. The concept of a God Machine who created humanity and now it seems that this cycle is closing itself, returning to the starting point. We came from machines and we are going back to where we came from. The messiah, when he returns, will be a robot, or a humanoid, our bio-mechanical saviour.

The painting ‘Deus Ex-Machina’ is a masterpiece! I was really shocked to see how her concept of the painting was a perfect fit to our concept! The cover was done 6 years ago for our new album and she didn’t know it! Neither did I but I’m glad we crossed each other’s paths. Camille’s work is intense and in your face. We are lucky to have such a great artist working with us; she’s kind and very talented. She brings something new and exciting to a career of 32 years during which amazing artists have created memorable and iconic album covers.

I’m very happy with everything about ’Machine Messiah’, it is a Sepultura album but with a new direction and intensity, a new musical challenge, a step forward! I can’t wait to show the world our music for the new Messiah coming.

Danish fans can expect to hear some of the new material live on February 06th, when the band plays at Amager Bio in Copenhagen as main support for Kreator. Soilwork and Aborted also appear on the bill.

Tickets can be purchased via for 345 DKK a piece, whilst more information is available in the official Facebook event.

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