Mastodon details new album "Emperor of Sand" & streams first single

Posted by AP on 27/01/17

Mastodon have unveiled ”Emperor of Sand” as the title to their seventh studio album, which will be released through Reprise Records on March 31st.

The record’s concept and story follows a desert wanderer who has been handed a death sentence, and as such, it focuses on themes of death and survival inspired by the experiences of certain band members when family and friends were diagnosed with cancer.

Check out the artwork and track listing for the effort below.

01. “Sultan’s Curse” (04:02)

02. ”Show Yourself” (03:03)

03. ”Precious Stones” (03:46)

04. ”Steambreather” (05:03)

05. ”Roots Remain” (06:28)

06. ”Word to the Wise” (04:00)

07. ”Ancient Kingdom” (04:54)

08. ”Clandestiny” (04:28)

09. ”Andromeda” (04:05)

10. ”Scorpion Breath” (03:19)

11. ”Jaguar God” (07:56)

Pre-orders are available via the band’s official website, and will instantly unlock a download of the first single, ”Sultan’s Curse”. You can also stream the track right here:

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