Anubis Gate announces seventh album "Covered in Black"

Posted by LF on 14/07/17

Danish progressive metallers Anubis Gate have announced the release of their seventh album "Covered in Black". It will be out on September 1st through Nightmare Records and you can check out the traclist and art work below.

The announcement comes with a longer comment that you can read in full here through the band's Facebook page, but here is a segment from it:

"While Covered In Black is a highly melodic affair, it is also challenging in a way none of our previous albums are. Dealing with, and dedicated to, people in dark places, this albums has a darker and more complex edge to it. Allowing ourselves to dig deeper into our collective pool of musical experiences and knowledge, the inspirations come from far across the spectrum. Ranging from classical chamber music, seventies prog and extending to thrash, with very eastern influences popping up,this is an album that is best heard as one piece, even if the individual tracks can stand on their own. Since we've come this far we also allowed ourselves that freedom."

01. Psychotopia

02. The New Delhi Assassination

03. The Combat

04. Too Much Time

05. A Journey To Nowhere

06. Black

07. Blacker

08. Blackest

09. Operation Cairo

10. From Afar

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