The Hurt Process to Europe

Posted by xre on 18/05/06

The Hurt Process are flying back and forth to Europe in August, September, October and November. Dates and venues are as follows:

August 2nd - Star And Garter, Manchester, UK

August 10th - The Junction, York, UK

August 13th - Ghostfest, Leeds, UK

August 17th - Face Bar, Reading, UK

August 19th - The Square, Harlow, UK

September 23rd - JC De Klinker Club, Aarschot, BEL

October 19th - The Crown, Middlesbrough, UK

November 2nd - Underworld, London, UK

November 6th - The Twist, Colchester, UK

November 7th - The Chinnerys, South-End, UK

November 9th - The Park, Peterborough, UK

November 10th - Level 2, Workington, UK

November 11th - Liberties In Town, Middlesbrough, UK

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