Devin Townsend: "I need a break"

Posted by miray on 26/05/06

Strapping Young Lad mainman Devin Townsend has told that he's planning on hoping to take some time off this fall to recover from the last decade of touring and recording.

"I'm going to take a hiatus from making records for a while," Townsend said. "In the past 10 years, I've put out 20 records. [It's been] bang-bang-bang-bang. As soon as I finish one, I'm writing another, and when that one's done, I'm writing another. I just don't want to write records right now.

"The records I make, I'm there from the writing of the first note through the click tracks to the miking of the drums to the editing of everything to the production to the vocals to the artwork," he continued. "And it's been so many years of doing it. I won't ever stop doing what I do, I just need a break so I can go sit on a beach somewhere and drink Corona after Corona and stumble back to a hotel."

And the other news is; Devin Townsend and his wife Tracy are also expecting their first child in October. Congrats!!

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