EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Charming Timur - "So Far So Good"

Posted by AP on 05/02/18

We are pleased to offer our readers an exclusive premiere of experimental metal artist Charming Timur’s new album, “So Far So Good”, ahead of its official release this Wednesday, February 07th. Get lost in the esoteric fusion of post- and nu-metal and electronic nuances from the Finnish one-man project right here:

The mastermind behind the project, Lauri Sante, shared the following thoughts about the new effort:

I had so many songs I wanted to put on this album, it became just too crazy. I had to cut down about a half to keep the album at least somewhat consistent. I reached out to fans and asked what songs they like the most, and made decisions based on their opinions as well as my own. This is by far the biggest and most expensive release I've done so far and I felt like I really needed to do this to keep my head functioning. As if I was obsessed with creating this release and failure was not an option.

There is going to be A LOT of new material in the future, exploring different styles, genres, recording techniques, etc. This project is sort of like the roots of a tree, growing into multiple directions instead of just one.

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