Kill-Town Death Fest completes 2018 line-up

Posted by AP on 14/02/18

The already completely sold out Kill-Town Death Fest, which takes place across three stages at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen between September 06th and September 09th, has finalised its 2018 line-up with the addition of two new artists.

One of these is the legendary Incantation, a veteran death metal group out of Johnstown, PA. As well as treating their fans to a selection of older material from their extensive discography, the band will be keen to promote their latest album, 2017’s “Profane Nexus”, which you can stream in full below.

The other act is Berlin, Germany’s blackened death metallers Necros Christos. Their latest full-length, “Doom of the Occult”, dates back to 2011 but they are currently in the process of recording the follow-up, which should arrive in time for these festivities. In the meanwhile, you can stream the aforementioned album in its entirety below.

The full line-up for Kill-Town Death Fest 2018 thus stacks up, as follows:

Antiversum (ch)

Ascended Dead (us)

Blood Incantation (us)

Cadaveric Incubator (fi)

Cemetery Urn (au)

Dead Void (dk)

Deiquisitor (dk)

Demilich (fi)

Derkéta (us)

Fetid (us)

Galvanizer (fi)

Grave Miasma (uk)

Hooded Menace (fi) — performing “Fulfill the Curse” in its entirety

Hyperdontia (dk/tr)

Incantation (us)

Mefitic (it)

Mortem (pe)

Mortiferum (us)

Necros Christos (de)

Necrot (us)

Necrowretch (fr)

Phrenelith (dk)

Pissgrave (us)

Reptilian (no)

Rippikoulu (fi)

Runemagick (se)

Scolex (us)

Sempiternal Dusk (us)

Spectral Voice (us)

Taphos (dk)

Torture Rack (us)

Triumvir Foul (us)

Undergang (dk)

Venenum (de)

Wormridden (dk/jp)

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