Roadburn Festival 2018 unveils Cul de Sac line-up & more

Posted by AP on 14/02/18

Roadburn Festival has unveiled the line-up for the most intimate of its venues, Cul de Sac, and with that added a host of new artists to the 2018 bill. Here’s how the program at the venue will run:

Bison (ca)

Black Decades (nl)

Comet Control (ca)

Concatenatus (cl)

Départe (au)

Dystopia (nl)

GALG (nl)

Hair Of The Dog (uk)

Hidden Trails (be)

Hexis (dk)

Insect Ark (us)

LLNN (dk)

Mania (us)

Mirror Queen (us)

Phantom Winter (de)

Planning For Burial (us) — second set

Project Nefast (nl)

Rrrags (be/nl)

Sum Of R (ch)

SYK (it)

Toby Driver (us) & Zvi (us)

Ulsect (nl)

Une Misère (is) — second set

Worship (de) — second set

The festival has also unveiled some new artists for the San Diego Takeover helmed by Earthless (us) at the new Hall of Fame venue:

Arctic (us)

Pharlee (us)

Red Octopus (us)

Volcano (us)

And finally, the festival’s pre-show, which takes place at the Hard Rock Hideout on Wednesday, April 18th, will feature the following bands:

Bütcher (be)

Speed Queen (be)

Witch Trail (be)

Roadburn Festival takes place in Tilburg, Netherlands between April 19th and April 22nd. Tickets can be purchased here, while more information is available in the official Facebook event. We intend to send a delegation of two writers and a photographer to cover the festivities for the fourth time, so keep your eyes peeled for our massive feature article in late April.

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