Ihsahn announces new album: "Ámr"

Posted by AP on 15/02/18

Ihsahn will release his new solo album, “Ámr”, through Candlelight and Spinefarm Records on May 04th, the Emperor frontman has announced. The effort, which once again sees Ihsahn collaborating with drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen of Shining, comprises the following songs:

01. “Lend Me the Eyes of the Millenia”

02. “Arcana Imperii” (feat. Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth)

03. “Sámr”

04. “One Less Enemy”

05. “Where You Are Lost and I Belong”

06. “In Rites of Passage”

07. “Marble Soul”

08. “Twin Black Angels”

09. “Wake”

While further details, as well as a taste of the new material are still pending, you can view the artwork here.

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