Clutch details new album "Book of Bad Decisions"

Posted by AP on 19/05/18

Clutch has set September 07th as the official release date for their twelfth studio album, entitled “Book of Bad Decisions”. It comprises the following songs:

01. “Gimme the Keys”

02. “Spirit of ’76”

03. “Book of Bad Decisions”

04. “How to Shake Hands”

05. “In Walks Barbarella”

06. “Vision Quest”

07. “Weird Times”

08. “Emily Dickinson”

09. “Sonic Counselor”

10. “A Good Fire”

11. “Ghoul Wrangler”

12. “Hb Is in Control”

13. “Hot Bottom Feeder”

14. “Paper & Strife”

15. “Lorelei”

You can view the artwork and ore-order the effort here, while a stream of the first single, “Gimme the Keys”, is available below.

The Frederick, MD-born blues-rockers will play at this summer’s edition of the Roskilde Festival, where they have been allocated a slot on the Avalon stage at 19:00 on Wednesday, July 04th. The festival is completely sold out, but keep an eye on the official Facebook event for any updates regarding the ticket situation, as well as other people potentially selling theirs.

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