Bloodbath to release "The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn" in October

Posted by AP on 17/08/18

Bloodbath will release a new album titled “The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn” through Peaceville Records on October 26th. It features the following songs:

01. “Fleischmann”

02. “Bloodicide”

03. “Wayward Samaritan”

04. “Levitator”

05. “Deader”

06. “March of the Crucifiers”

07. “Morbid Antichrist”

08. “Warhead Ritual”

09. “Only the Dead Survive”

10. “Chainsaw Lullaby”

11. “Ride the Waves of Fire” (limited edition bonus track)

12. “Wide Eyed Abandon” (limited edition bonus track)

You can view the artwork and pre-order the outing in various formats here. The first single, however, is yet to premiere.

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