Roskilde Festival unveils 2019 warm-up program

Posted by AP on 25/03/19

Roskilde Festival has unveiled the program for its warm-up days between June 30th and July 02nd, during which 32 artists will perform on the Apollo and Rising stages in the camping area. The 32 are:

Alkymist (dk)

Arre! Arre! (se)

Auður (is)

Boundaries (dk)

Brenn. (no)

Charlotte Bendiks (no)

Collider (dk)

Discoshaman (dk)

Ea Kaya (dk)

Elba (dk)

Flexlikekev (dk)

Funeral Future (dk)

Girlcrush (dk)

Gullo Gullo (dk)

Heartbreak Satellite (dk/no)

Hjalmer (dk)

Hjalte Ross (dk)

Hôy La (no)

Ipek Yolu (dk)

Josiah Konder (dk)

Kogekunst (dk)

Konvent (dk)

Kops (dk)

Lil Halima (no)

Linn Koch-Emmery (se)

M. Rexen (dk)

Mall Girl (no)

Mambe & Danochilango (co/mx)

Natkat (dk)

Nuri (tn)

Ravi Kuma (dk)

Rebecca Lou (dk)

Rosegold (dk/uk)

Schaarup (dk)

Schacke (dk)

Selma Judith (dk)

Shambs (dk) x Farli’ (dk) x B Wood$ (dk) x Bracy Doll (dk)

Shatter Hands (dk)

Smokey (dk)

Søn (dk)

Third Wife (dk)

Xenoblight (dk)

Z.E. (se)

Zaar (dk)

Roskilde Festival will unveil the full line-up for its 2019 edition this Wednesday, March 27th, and tickets are expected to start selling fast from then on. You can pick yours up here and find more information in the official Facebook event.

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