Copenhell 2019 unveils special 10th Anniversary jam concert

Posted by AP on 22/05/19

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary this year, Copenhell has unveiled a special concert dubbed “Ten Years in Hell”, which will bring together no less than 40 Danish rock and metal musicians for a gigantic jam session featuring a plethora of genre classics, as well as the two tracks featured on the “Ti år i helvede” EP by Nyt Liv and Omvendt Korstog, which came out earlier this year and which you can stream in the bottom of this article.

The full cast of musicians involved in this ambitious undertaking pans out, as follows:

- Allan Tschicaja (drummer of Pretty Maids)

- Anders Bo Rasmussen (guitarist of Rising)

- Anders Lundemark (bassist & vocalist of Konkhra)

- Bastian Thusgaard (drummer of Soilwork)

- Casper Roland Popp (vocalist of Bersærk)

- Chris Kreutzfeldt (guitarist of CABAL)

- David Mikkelsen (guitarist & vocalist of Phrenelith & Undergang)

- Esben ‘Esse’ Elnegaard Hansen (vocalist of Hatesphere)

- Hank Shermann (guitarist of Mercyful Fate)

- Holger Rumph-Frost (bassist of MØL)

- Jacob Binzer (guitarist of D-A-D)

- Jakob Jensen (drummer of Aphyxion)

- Jakob Krogholt (guitarist of Rising)

- Jakob Mølbjerg (guitarist of Mercenary)

- Kaspar Boye ‘KB’ Larsen (bassist of Parasight & Volbeat)

- Ken Hammer (guitarist of Pretty Maids)

- Lasse Mørch Revsbech (guitarist of BAEST)

- Lola Hammerich (guitarist & vocalist of Baby In Vain)

- Martin Goltermann (guitarist of Nyt Liv)

- Martin Kristensen (bassist of Konkhra)

- Michael Bastholm Dahl (vocalist of Artillery)

- Michael Benborg Aagesen (vocalist of Nyt Liv)

- Mikael Ehlert Hansen (bassist & vocalist of IAmFire & Koldborn)

- Michael Stützer (guitarist of Artillery)

- Mirza Radonjica-Bang (vocalist of Siamese)

- Morten Grønnegaard (vocalist of Rising)

- Nicklas Sonne (guitarist & vocalist of Defecto)

- Oskar J. Frederiksen (guitarist & vocalist of Slægt)

- Peter ‘Pepe’ Hansen (guitarist of Hatesphere)

- Rasmus G. Sejersen (drummer of LLNN & The Psyke Project)

- Rasmus Schmidt (drummer of Illdisposed)

- Ronnie Atkins (vocalist of Pretty Maids)

- Simon Erlendsson (drummer of Nyt Liv)

- Simon Olsen (vocalist of BAEST)

- Søren Andersen (guitarist of Electric Guitars & Glenn Hughes)

- Søren Hvidt (bassist of Nyt Liv)

- Theis Roed Thogersen (bassist of Helhorse)

- Tim Christensen (guitarist & vocalist of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy)

Copenhell will take place in the Refshaleøen industrial area of Copenhagen, Denmark between June 19th and June 22nd and with the exception of one-day tickets for the first (warm-up) day, it is completely sold out. In case you’re still on the lookout for a ticket, you can keep an eye on the official Facebook event for people potentially selling theirs.

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