Horned Almighty to release new album in January

Posted by AP on 23/10/19

Århus, Denmark-based black metallers Horned Almighty will release a new album titled “To Fathom the Master’s Grand Design” through Scarlet Records on January 17th next year. A vinyl edition will be issued through Strange Aeons shortly thereafter. The record contains the eight tracks listed below:

01. “Violent Cosmology”

02. “Apocalyptic Wrath”

03. “Antagonism Eternal”

04. “Devouring Armageddon”

05. “Swallowed by the Earth”

06. “The Great Death”

07. “Punishment Divine”

08. “Witchcraft Demonology”

While further details are still pending, you can peruse the artwork for it right here:

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