Monolithe to release "Okta Khora" in January

Posted by AP on 04/11/19

Paris, France-based doom metal crew Monolithe will release a new album titled “Okta Khora” through Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions on January 30th. It comprises the following songs:

01. “Okta Khora (Part 1)”

02. “Onset of the Eighth Cycle”

03. “Dissonant Occurrence”

04. “Ignite the Heavens (Part 1)”

05. “Ignite the Heavens (Part 2)”

06. “The Great Debacle”

07. “Disrupted Firmament”

08. “Okta Khora (Part 2)”

While further details are still pending, you can stream the first single “Okta Khora (Part 1)” right here:

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