Most Ridiculous, Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers

Posted by miray on 13/07/06

Comedian/actor and "Mr. Show" vet Brian Posehn> has made a name for himself tickling your funny bone with his strange sense of humor. But the new album from the "comedian of comedy," titled "Live In: Nerd Rage", also features the stand-up plugging in to thrash with a shredding supergroup. Banking on that experience, asked him to break down the 10 most ridiculous heavy-metal album covers of all time. This is his list:

01. (tie) PANTERA - Metal Magic

PANTERA - Projects in the Jungle

02. EXCITER - Violence and Force


04. RIOT - Fire Down Under

05. STRYPER - Soldiers Under Command

06. JACKYL - Jackyl

07. EXODUS - Bonded by Blood

08. MORTIIS - Smell of Rain

09. MANOWAR - Into Glory Ride

10. POISON - Look What the Cat Dragged In

Source: Blabbermouth.Net

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