Boston Manor to release "Glue" in May

Posted by AP on 13/02/20

Blackpool, United Kingdom-based pop-punk outfit Boston Manor have set May 01st as the official release date for their new album, which carries the title of “Glue”. The record consists of the following tracks:

01. “Everything Is Ordinary”

02. “1’s & 0’s”

03. “Plasticine Dreams”

04. “Terrible Love”

05. “On a High Ledge”

06. “Only1”

07. “You, Me & the Class War”

08. “Playing God”

09. “Brand New Kids”

10. “Ratking”

11. “Stuck in the Mud”

12. “Liquid” (feat. John Floreani of Trophy Eyes)

13. “Monolith”

You can view the artwork and pre-order the record in all formats here, while a music video for the lead single “Everything Is Ordinary” is available for viewing below.

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