Good Tiger announces new album: "Raised in a Doomsday Cult"

Posted by AP on 28/05/20

British progressive metalcore outfit Good Tiger have set August 07th as the official release date for their new album, which carries the title of “Raised in a Doomsday Cult”, via Blacklight Media. It includes the following tracks:

01. “Kimbal”

02. “Ghost Vomit”

03. “Whatever Happened to Man’s Best Friend”

04. “1252”

05. “Young Speak”

06. “Redshift”

07. “Animal Mother”

08. “Sunthrower Flower”

09. “GoGo Yubari”

10. “Grow Smile Accept”

11. “If You Weren’t My Son I’d Hug You”

You can check out the artwork and pre-order the record on all formats here, while a music video for the lead single “Kimbal” is available for viewing below.

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