Sólstafir unveils new album: "Endless Twilight of Codependent Love"

Posted by AP on 30/07/20

Reykjavík, Iceland’s post-metal stalwarts Sólstafir have revealed November 06th as the official release date for their new album, which has been given the title “Endless Twilight of Codependent Love”. The effort, which will be issued by Season of Mist, comprises the following tracks:

01. “Akkeri”

02. “Drýsill”

03. “Rökkur”

04. “Her Fall from Grace”

05. “Dionysus”

06. “Til Moldar”

07. “Alda Syndanna”

08. “Or”

09. “Úlfur”

10. “Hrollkalda Þoka Einmanaleikans” (bonus)

11. “Hann For Sjalfur” (bonus)

Pre-orders as well as the first single are yet to be launched, but you can watch a short teaser for the record below.

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