My Chemical Romance Becomes Black Parade

Posted by AP on 29/08/06

My Chemical Romance have announced details of their upcoming album on MTV. The album is titled "The Black Parade" and is said by the band to be "a daring concept LP".

My Chemical Romance has revealed some track titles for the album, namely "Welcome", "Cancer", "Famous Last Words", "Sleep" and "I Don't Love You".

"The Black Parade" will tell the story of a fictional figure The Patient, for which Gerard Way has bleached his hair to better capture the essence of this character.

Way has told MTV that the new album is extremely dark and represents "becoming a new band"; Way has created an alter ego for the band named Black Parade accordingly. In the interview done by MTV, Way said the following:


"Normally, a band says that every time they make a record, in some ways, they become a new band. But we really did it this time, and became a different band. Make no mistake — we are My Chemical Romance still. It's just our alter ego for this record."

The band claims to have experimented with unfamiliar instrumentation, including a piano. The album also features a guest performance by legendary singer Liza Minnelli.

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