The Banner Split Up

Posted by JM on 06/09/06

The Banner 1999-2006

We have received a statement from the band that they will no longer be playing together. For information check out their MySpace

Here is the statement issued:


Yeah, I¹m trashed so excuse the misspellings.

The saddest thing I've ever had to do is announce that The Banner is no more.

After 7 years of playing, writing and recording I've decided its best for the band to simply put it to bed.

Some of the members have decided that the fulltime touring lifestyle just isn't for them and I can't blame them.

The Banner has gone through a zillion member changes since it's inception but the current line-up was what I most felt "The Banner" should be, with perhaps the inclusion of Garrett.

I'd like to thank all the bands we played with especially Folly, Modern Life Is War, GETREAL, Himsa, Death By Stereo, The Breakout, Mermaid In A Manhole, My Chem, The Sleeping, Burn The Tyrant, Senses Fail, Ensign, Shattered Realm and god only knows who else, I'm not thinking too clearly right now as I'm quite shitfaced.

I'm reasonably sure Chris, Mike and Ian are all going back to school and ill be continuing doing the comic books and concentrate on my new band Wolvez.

Anyway again thank you to all the kids and people who have supported us over the years, all the people who have gotten us shows or fed us or let us sleep at their homes on tour.

Thanks to Blackout, Warmachine and Ferret Records for all their help and thanks to our families and girlfriends for putting up with the bullshit.

I personally want to thank all the jersey kids who have stuck by us from the beginning, I appreciate it more than you'll ever know or I could ever tell you with words. Your support was a lot more than I deserved.

Later jerks.


R.I.P THE BANNER 1999-2006

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