Furnace Fest announces return for September 2021

Posted by PP on 14/03/21

The last edition of Furnace Fest was held back in 2003 featuring what was basically the best-of-the-best within emo/post-hardcore back then. Looking at who played back then especially in light of which albums each band was playing back then makes it a one-of-a-kind an event.

However, Furnace Fest has opted to resurrect their festival with what basically reads off as a best-of emo/screamo/post-hardcore since early 2000s, a ridiculously stacked lineup of bands you probably never thought you'd see again in one place, one time, in Birmingham, Alabama this fall.

Below is the currently announced lineup for the 24-26th September event, which among other things promises things like:

* Darkest Hour playing "Undoing Ruin" in its entirety

* Poison The Well returning to "The Opposite Of December"

...among many other highlights.

Tickets are available via the official website.

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