Næstved Metalfest's 2021 line-up taking shape

Posted by AP on 12/04/21

Næstved Metalfest, which will take place at an as-of-yet undisclosed open-air location in the Danish city of Næstved on August 27th and August 28th, recently bolstered its 2021 line-up so that it now pans out, as follows:

CABAL (dk)

Creeping Flesh (se)

Dagoba (fr)

Grave (se)

Hatesphere (dk)

Heidra (dk)

Illdisposed (dk)

Lifesick (dk)

Manticora (dk)

Nyt Liv (dk)

Red Warszawa (dk)

Rot Away (dk)

Shadowspawn (dk)

Wayward Dawn (dk)

There are still tickets available over at Billetto.dk, while more information can be found in the official Facebook event.

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