Dredg Live Tracklisting

Posted by DY on 12/10/06

Progressive/Experimental group Dredg release their new live album "Live At The Filmore" on November 7th, through Interscope Records.

The tracklisting for the album look likes this

1. The Warbler

2. Bug Eyes

3. Ode To The Sun

4. Same Ol? Road

5. Sanzen

6. New Heart Shadow

7. Triangle

8. The Tanbark Is Hot Lava

9. Not That Simple

10. Whoa Is Me

11. Walk In The Park

12. Of The Room

13. Stone By Stone

14. Catch Without Arms

15. Sang Real

16. The Ornament

17. The Canyon Behind Her

18. Yatahaze

19. 90 Hour Sleep

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