Thrice completes 'earth' section

Posted by PP on 06/11/06

As previously reported, Thrice's ambition didn't just stop on the incredible "Vheissu", and they will be releasing a quad-CD in mid-2007, where each disc is dedicated to one of the four elements (earth, water, fire, air). Here's the band's update from the studio:

We closed out the Earth sessions yesterday with the tracking of “Come All You Weary.” That song ended up being the only song on Earth with any kind of non-acoustic instrument or a full drumset. I tried my best at getting Ri his “big John Bonham” drum sound in our pathetically tiny room, but I think it turned out ok. It’s fun sometimes having limitations because you’re forced to find creative ways to break them.

So we officially started the Water sessions today by starting work on a track with the working title “Open Water”. We started off the day by recording some drums, then moved on to synth, and started on guitars before we called it a day. It’s an interesting thing to have to switch gears the way we’re doing. For the last couple weeks, we’ve been so focused on making everything sound a certain way and have a certain vibe, and now all of the sudden we’re totally switching gears and going a different direction…especially going from earth to water.

I’m sleepy, I need to go to bed. We’re cutting the tracking off a bit early tomorrow to take a family trip to the movies to see the new Borat flick. I am oh so very excited.

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