Money Calls

Posted by DY on 26/11/06

Sadly, Houston Calls guitarist Kenny Ryan has been forced to leave the band, due to the fact that he can no longer financially afford to be a part of it. His official statement reads:

"This is Kenny here, and I'm writing to unfortunately say that I'm leaving the band. I've been in Houston Calls for almost 4 years now, and it's been amazing to tour with my best friends and create music I truly enjoy to play and listen to. But when I was younger I accrued a very large debt from paying for college with student loans, which wasn't cheap let me tell you. For a long time I was able to avoid paying my debt thanks to deferment and making small payments. Creditors will only allow you to push them off to the side for so long, and mine are back after me with a vengeance. I hate to say this but because of my financial problems I can't continue to be in Houston Calls

This was not an easy decision for me to make, I've been trying to figure out other solutions for months now but the only true solution is for me to take responsibility for the debt that I have made. I love all my band mates like brothers, we've been thru some awesome times (getting signed, touring the USA, Japan, and Australia) and some shitty times (our van getting stolen) but they will always be family to me and I thank them for everything that we've done. I also want to thank you the fans, because of you I've been able see and do things that I never thought possible. Houston Calls has the most amazing, supportive fans; you've stood by this band for years, dragged yourselves to our shows, and always danced and sang your faces off. THANK YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU ALL. I will be playing my last show on the 15th of December at Hamilton Street Café in Bound Brook, NJ and I would love to see as many familiar faces as possible. Once again thank you so much for everything; these have been some of the best years of my life. - Kenny"

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